Halloween in Arctic Bay

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Today has been a crazy day here at school in Arctic Bay - it's Halloween! The school has been transformed into a Halloween Bonanza. Each elementary classroom door has been decorated and there are little games going on in each class. Sadly, the high school students are having classes as usual, but that's OK, as I have my media classes in the afternoon and they (those that decided to show) are just working on their podcasts or just having a good time on the web today.

I've been upstairs several times snapping pictures of the festivities going on upstairs, so stay tuned for those to be posted later on this evening (or early this morning).

Trick-or-Treating here in Arctic Bay begins at 5:00pm (so it's going to be a mad dash home to get my running gear, a quick run out along my running path, and back home to hand out treats. Good thing that there are two of us that live there.. so I can take the second shift :-). Trick-or-treating lasts until 7:00pm and then we all head to the gym where there is a costume contest for the younger kids. There are several categories and many prizes. After the community gathering in the gym, there is a dance for the older kids / youth (+16), so I have a feeling tomorrow may also be a "lazy / catch-up" day at school to, as many of my high school students are planning to attend the dance.

Here's hoping that Halloween won't bring too many surprises :-)


mom said...

It's 9:21 in Fredericton, and Hallow's Eve is essentially over. Lots of little ghosts and ghouls!
Have a good one!