A crazy (yet entertaining) request

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hi All ..

well as many of you know this is my first time way way up in the North ... and well... it's not like I can go traveling anywheres easily (considering that a flight to Iqaluit is about 2000$ return .... and with the weather up here... we never know when we will actually take off) and since there is no way that I will be able to travel down south either easily .... I am wondering if all of my readers / followers / members of the Cult of Kennie in the North (or Nanook of the North as the university gang is calling me) could send me pictures of where they live. I figure a virtual tour of the North / South is just as good as a real tour (at least until I can afford to take a year off and just tour around :-) ).

In either case, pictures would be greatly appreciated.... as I always like seeing where every one else is from.

They can be emailed to me at xatican@mac.com

Many huge thanks! And if any of you would like pics of Arctic Bay, let me know, I have plenty.



anitsirK said...

Hey Kennie,

I'll try to update more frequently than I have been in the past, but I've got a gallery linked to my blog: http://www.acoupleloonies.ca/blog/wp-gallery2.php

There's pictures from around our place there, as well as any I take when I go out touristing.