Iqaluit Adventure - Day 4

Friday, September 28, 2007
Today was day 4 in Iqaluit for me. Today's sessions continued on our PI and NTU training (we are all being crossed trained, which is a good thing as that means that two people in the school will be trained in both Professional Improvement and Union matters). This afternoon we were addressed by the Minister of Education, Ed Picco (a long time resident of Nunavut and long time member of the Nunavut / Northwest Territories governments). I was very impressed with his speech to us teachers. Unlike other politicians that I have head talk, Ed did not throw policy or promises of what could be at us. Ed concentrated on what his vision Education in Nunavut should be taking and is taking and how he (and the government) is making this vision a reality in Nunavut. Ed concentrated on the successes of our Education system - the students who have graduated from our schools and who are now following professional careers, how we should be integrating more industrial arts back into the system, how we as educators should be ensuring that we are providing our students with skills that will allow them to be employed anywheres in Canada (and by extension the world) and how we as educators are making a difference in children's lives, in our communities and Nunavut as a whole. Ed's address to us teachers was down to earth and thought provoking and a great way to wrap up a jam packed Friday.