Iqaluit Adventure Day 2

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Today was another busy day in Iqaluit. After having my breakfast of a Yop, apple and banana I set off to explore more of Iqaluit. First stop was to Nunavut News to see if they had any of the tourist guide books still available as I wanted to find a map of Iqaluit that I could follow. Lucky for me, they did. And they also gave me directions to the Tourist Center for more information. So off to the tourist information center.

At the tourist information center, I talked with one of the tourist people there who gave me some places that I should make sure I visit and some additional information about Iqaluit. While there, I did take some time to look at and read the displays and got some more information about the Inuit culture (which is good for me and I now understand the seasons a little bit more up here now). They also had some pretty cool displays of traditional clothing and tools, as well as displays of the animals that can be found up here (polar bears, seals ....).

From the tourist information center, map in hand, I took off heading to the outskirts of Iqaluit and started just walking the roads from the bottom all the way up to the upper part of Iqaluit. I didn't go out to the Apex (which looked really close from on top of a hill, but it was windy, and I didn't have my mittens with me, so I went in the opposite direction after taking many pictures of the area up there). I walked around Iqaluit, and covered most of it (or at least walked on most of the roads) for 3.5 hours.

After, I went back to my hotel room to warm up and grab a quick lunch, as I was hoping to see if I could arrange a tour at the Legislative Assembly. Luckily, there was a pre-arranged tour going on at 2:00 pm and a group of us tagged along with it. The legislative assembly building up here is very beautiful inside - the architecture was stunning. While there, I met another tourist who graduated from STU/UNB and whose children go / graduated from STU/UNB - it was kinda funny. All of us there on the tour were either from NB, NS or NFLD. Go the Atlantic Provinces! And the legend of Harry Butt continues too, as one of the people there on the tour was from NFLD and once she found out I was from Arctic Bay, she asked if I knew Harry. I told here that I didn't know him personally, but I had heard many stories about his time up in Arctic Bay.

Once the legislative assembly tour was done, I decided that I would like to just walk around town and pick up some items that I can't find / get up in Arctic Bay. In particular CD / DVD mailers so that my DVD's home make it there in one piece. Good thing there is a post office in Iqaluit that is fully stocked with those "stranger" items. So now, I can send DVD's home without worrying too much.

Now, I'm just here relaxing in my hotel room getting ready to go to sleep as tomorrow is going to be an early morning with breakfast starting at the Forbisher at 7:15 am. Although, I highly doubt I will be there before 8:00... as I think I am going to walk to the Forbisher instead of taking the cab as it is only a 10 minute walk.... and the fresh air in the morning is a nice.