Pics from around the community

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Here are some pics that I've taken while walking around town. Some are from town itself, others are from Victor Bay (which is about 5km away from us).

This is a general shot of the community:

New housing units being built (to be completed by December ... I'm hoping to get one of them next year):

Picutre of the hills / mountains that are to the left of my unit:

Victor Bay (about 5km away from us in a Northward direction):

Picture of Arctic Bay from the top of the hill leading to Victor Bay:


missus bean said...

It looks beautiful, Kennie. I hope that is some solace considering the insanity you've gone through so far!

Bonnieupnorth said... what unit did you get put in....left on Aug 17 and I was in 233C and in Arctic Bay for the summer as a social in the small blue building just up from the school playground. You will meet Irene who is also in the same office.
Welcome, a lovely community. Bonnie

Kennie said...


wound up moving into unit 126 (yes, roll your eyes and gasp saying oh that unit - every one does when they find out where I am living). They did some good work on it though, so it's not too bad.

I met Irene this evening, as a group of us were over at Aleetha's for a lil pot luck - I have a feeling I will be having many cups of coffee in her office while trying to make sense of some of the things that I see and hear.